Monday, July 8, 2013

Time to Squeeze the most out of this journey!

I haven't blogged for a while.  Like I have said before, life has just returned to normal, except I am thinner. lol
My weight has hit a plateau.  Although I haven't been completely good with my diet.  Just eating what is going, what everyone else is eating etc.  Of course the size of the meal is still very small. 

I am really wanting to try to lose the last 10 - 15kg.  So I will hopefully be seeing my dietician in the next week or so.  Just need to find some spare cash and make some appointments.
I do worry that seeing as its been so hard to lose, that it will be very hard to keep off.
I am extremely happy with where I am don't get me wrong.  To be honest, I think I miss the adrenalin of the excitement and praise I receive when reaching goals.
I really hate my gym so haven't been there, stupidly just paying my membership fee's until the contract is over.  I just don't feel comfortable there AT ALL.
Went out dancing on the weekend.  I was aching all over the next day.  If I could just dance like that every day I would probably shed the kilos'!  Less the alcohol I am sure lol.

Just a few new photos.  Nothing's changed, just my hair is getting longer lol.

Yes my new favourite day is "Selfie Saturday"

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Compliments and HIdden Agenda's

I haven't blogged for a while, again, nothing new has happened in the weight loss area.  I gained about 4kg.  I cut out my Zarraffa's Fusions (ok cut down) hehehe and have been watching what I eat for the most part.  And thank fully I lost 2kg of that 4.
I am here to get down in writing my crazy thoughts.  I am struggling to accept compliments for what they are.... compliements.

So I have said this before, I remember when I was younger I would always get told I had beautiful eyes.  For years I never heard anything like that said.  Until I met my husband.  According to him every part of me is beautiful.  No matter how I look.  So to cut to now, I am getting compliments and flirted with and hit on and I am not taking it well.

A few weeks ago we had my Sister In Law's hens night.  It was a fantastic night, so much fun, lots of laughs, dancing and girly chats.  After dinner and a show at Dracula's we hit Jupiter's Casino.  They have a few bars there with music and of course the gambling.

We tried out a couple of the bars and danced the night away. 

I received alot of male attention.  So much so my Sister in Law asked me if I was omitting pharamones.  I don't want this to sound conceited.  But it did actually happen.  This has never happened before.  I have always been the fat friend while I stood there and watched my gorgeous friends get hit on and chatted up.  This time it was me!  Yes I am married so nothing was ever going to happen.  It didn't stop them!  I even had one guy tell me if we both weren't married he would kiss me right there and then.  My sister in law was sitting right there next to me.  Gee I must have looked nice.

BUT , here is my problem.  I felt there were hidden agenda's involved.  To me, they were playing games and having a laugh at me.  In my head I had thoughts that they were either trying to win a bet as to who could hit on the fat chick or making me the butt of their joke etc.  I was even scared they were going to put drugs in my drinks.  Don't laugh.  I did.  I mean why else do these people want to talk to me. 

Last night at a family wedding, one of my husbands cousin's sons asked me for a dance later in the night.  I even had those negative thoughts with him.  To me I thought he was having a laugh with his mates also.  He was doing it as part of a dare etc.  I even spoke to his mum who was with us on the Hen's night and explained to her how I was feeling.  I told her even though I knew her and her husband have raised their boys right and they would never allow him to do something like that, but I still had those negative thoughts.  She went on to tell me that he was asking me to dance because he genuinely thought I was looking great and was proud of me.  We talked about the hens night and my feelings that night also.  She told me I was looking very confident that night and like I was happy which is what would have attracted those guys.  She went on to tell me how beautiful I am and that my looks have changed but my personality hasn't.  I have always been a beautiful person.  I know he wasn't trying to pick me up or anything.  He is family and half my age lol.  But even though he is family I still had that little voice in my head telling me he was making me the butt of a joke.

To me I still see that old 120kg person.  I still have this belly and I still feel fat.  So this is why I don't believe people when they compliment me.  How long does it take for you to get your mind around these things?  Why do I still see that 120kg person in the mirrow?

Monday, September 24, 2012

Letting the Endophins out

Finally pushed myself to get back to the gym today.  OMG why did I leave it so long?  Well I know why, I have been busy, but also, petrified.
I hate feeling like the new kid at school.  I hate not knowing how things work and trying to fit in.
But I did it, I tried to make excuses this morning but I pushed myself to make the phone call and book the kids into the creche and I went! 
I actually really enjoyed it.  I didn't go too hard as I am still finding my feet but I used a few of the machines, just until I get my bearings.  I felt great while working out with my music pumping.  Can't wait to feel like I belong there.

Did I show you the Gala Dinner photos yet?  OMG I can't believe its me in the photos.  I keep looking at them because I just don't recognise the person in them.  Well I recognie the hunk a spunk on my arm, but not the chick in the blue dress.

I felt like a million dollars.  I had my hair done thanks to Diet Chat and it was so beautiful!
It was a fabulous night and everyone there looked amazing.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Diet Chat

I am proud to say that I have been asked to provide a Testimonial for
This is the dietcian that helped me get to where I am today.
I met Fiona in 2010 and from the word go I have felt at ease and felt like losing weight was truly possible.
Fiona has been an amazing supporter of mine over the last 2 years.  I have always felt completely comfortable with Fiona and known I was on the right track. 
I am so honoured to be asked to provide my own feedback on the forum.  There is a seperate Topic for Weight Loss Surgery.
I am happy to answer any questions there and would love to help at least 1 person on their journey.
To be asked to do something like this makes me realise, I must have done something right. 

You can also find Diet Chat on Facebook.  They are always updating fantastic tips and advise.  Join their page and tell them Tracey sent you.  I have already had friend's receive valuable knowledge from them. 

As far as the weight loss for me goes, I am still here between 72-74kg.  No movement for around 10 months.  I am completely happy though, I am not too worried about it.  As much as I would like to lose at least another 5kg, I am comfortable.  I do have my 20 year school reunion in October so am looking at shifting the last 5kg by then.  Not sure how much different it will make me look lol.

I have the Make A Wish Tropical Nights Gala dinner in just over 2 weeks.  This is me at the last 2 Gala Dinners.

You have probably all seen these photos a thousand times before.  This year I am wearing a beautiful cocktail gown so I am excited about comparing photos again.

I hope you all head over to Diet Chat and have a look.  I can't thank them and my surgeon Dr Gregory Nolan enough for giving me a life. 

Sunday, July 1, 2012

I did it! I finished! And I kicked ARSE!


I did it!  And in around 50 minutes!  I ran the hardest I had ever run before.  I am not just saying it either.  Because I know I did.  I pushed myself the whole way, talked to myself, told myself I could do it.  I picked landmarks to keep running to before I stopped.
I am not going to lie, it hurt.  I ended up with a stitch about 1km into the race.  That last for 3km's. I also had numb toes in my left foot.  My new shoes do this to me for some reason. 
It was so amazing to be there among the thousands of people.  I think there were around 4000 entrants.  I came about half way! 
There were people on the side of the road cheering everyone on and clapping, it was so inspiring to see them.  At one point my Brother in Law was there to watch my Sister In Law with their 3 kids, it was nice to see them.  My niece Madi grabbed my hand at one point and ran along with me.  That really touched me.

Photo thanks to my Brother In Law Al and Sister in Law Jacqui

I ran with my Sister In Law Jacqui, her friend Christine and Jacqui's trainer Will.  It was nice to be a part of Team Awesome.  I raised almost $700 for Make A Wish Australia.
The last 500 metres was probably the hardest.  Everything was aching.  But I was determined to get over that line.  I actually burst into tears coming over the line.  The relief it was over, the realisation of how far I had come, and also because I was alone.  I didn't have anyone there for me cheering me on.  It really broke my heart.  I don't know if my family got the enormity of what I was doing.


I feel absolutely amazing that I did it, I actually feel it was all a dream.  I felt a little lost in the afternoon afterwards.  But boy was I reminded the next day that I did it!  hahaha I couldn't move a muscle without screaming, even my butt cheeks hurt!  Today I am feeling alot better, the tops of my legs are still a little sore but I can walk without screaming.

Guess what, I am actually considering doing the Bridge to Brisbane in September.  HOLY COW!  Who is this person I have become.  Of course it will just be for fun and to say I have done it.  I won't be trying to break any records or anything.

I also have organised a fundraiser "Sun, Surf & Wishes Walk" on July 21st at Burleigh.  I am very excited about this.  It is an easy 5km walk along the Burleigh Beachfront. 

Check out the event if you would like to take part!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

12 more sleeps! ARGHHHHHH!

12 more sleeps until I run my very first marathon. God knows how I am going to go.  Somehow I am meant to be getting some training in.  I can't even find time to go to the toilet at the moment.  First one of my kids were sick, then I did something to my back and could hardly walk.  Now the kids are sick again and I am coming down with it. 
I had 2 nights off from the kids on the weekend, you know what I did?  I slept!  I slept til 10am both mornings.  My god I needed it.  But again back to the no sleep.  Dealing with sick kids and having stuff play on your mind is not a good recipe for trying to sleep.
Why is it mother's are the only ones that hear the kids during the night. I reckon I could hold a rave in my lounge room at night and my husband wouldn't hear it.  Between the both of us, even with him working, I swear he gets the most sleep.  He goes out like a light!  Drives me insane!  Sometimes I just want to smother him with a pillow it makes me so angry! lol.  There you go, a confession of a sleep deprived mother! lol
So back to the topic.
I am still very excited about the Marathon, I have been asking those in the know lots of questions.  I am ready to put together my ipod playlist.  I have asked for some motivating song suggestions.  Do you have any? 
I am just over half way to my goal of raising $500 for Make A Wish Australia.  If you would like to sponsor me, please follow the link below.

But if you can't sponsor me, please wish me luck!  You can leave your messages of support here!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Lose 50kg, do a Marathon. Why Not?

So, 18 months ago, I wouldn't have run for a bus if I was running late.  The only run I knew about was the one in my stockings.
Guess what!?  I have sigend up to do the Gold Coast Marathon in June.
I am doing the 5.7km Run/Walk.  I am very excited.  I have a few people who have been doing Marathons and have inspired me to give it a go.  I am not after a PB or anything but I want to cross it off my bucket list.
I am running for Make-A-Wish Australia.  I want to raise at least $500 for them.  You can sponsor me at
I have started training.  Not so much the running part, but just keeping my fitness levels up.  I have been running on the treadmill.  I did 4km in 40minutes on a treadmill the other day.  So hopefully if I can keep a good pace I should finish the Marathon in an hour.
Its my birthday tomorrow.  Looking forward to a great night out and dinner tonight with friends.
I have asked for a Gold Coast Titans Jersey for my birthday.  I have always wanted a footy jersey but was always way too big to fit one.  Now I am down to a smaller size I have used it as my dream outfit.
I can't wait to see if I get one!

I saw my Dietician and Surgeon last week.  I am apparantly exactly where I am supposed to be with my weight loss.  I am doing everything right.  My Surgeon said I was a "Poster child" for this surgery.  Now that is a huge compliment!

My Dietician has also asked me to do a Testimonial for her website with before and after photos.  WOW!  What an honour!  I must be doing something right.

All in all, I am feeling fantastic.  Still can't believe it's me sometimes when I look in the mirror or see a photo of myself.

My gorgeous family <3