Friday, October 7, 2011

OMG I did it! 12 months today!

12 months ago today I started the Optifast diet.  This was a plan I had to do before surgery.  Before surgery you need to shrink your liver so the surgeon can do the surgery safely.  He needs to get behind the liver to operate on the stomach.
My goal weight was to get to 75kg by the Make A Wish Gala Dinner.  Sadly I didn't reach that but I hadn't been too bothered.  I feel fantastic so anything more is just a huge bonus.
Well today 12 months since I started I thought I  better weigh myself.
There was a bit of excitement at home this morning I almost forgot.  We have a huge storm going over and I was running around trying to make sure all windows were shut, kids were ok, things were unplugged etc.
Then I remembered what day it was.
So I jumped on the scales and squealed with delight.  I just can't believe it.
I have been talking to friends who, to me, are skinny minny's.  Absolutely gorgeous,  They tell me I weigh less than them.  I can't believe it!  No way do I have a body like theirs.  I feel a bit like the contestants on "How to look good naked".  You know where they line up a heap of women and the contestant goes and selects where her body fits in.  I would be so wrong if it was me.  Why is it I still see 120kg when I look in the mirror?
I have been looking at photos of me back at 120kg and I don't recognise myself.  Noone believes me that its me.  In a way it makes me kind of sad, its hard to explain.  But it makes me feel like that person no longer exists.  But I really liked that person.  She was a beautiful person.  She had 3  beautiful daughters, was a great mum, a great wife, a great friend.  Where is she now? 
This has been the most amazing 12 months of my life.  I can't believe the amount of weight I have lost.
I often think whether I could have done it without surgery by just eating the small amounts I eat now.  There is no way in hell!  If I would have been going on just 100grams of food each meal without surgery , I would have either killed myself or a mass murder.  And I know its to do with the Gland that releases the hormone Grenlin that controls your hugner levels etc.  Without that, I never feel hungry.

I can't thank everyone enough for their support, their words of encouragement, their compliments, even the looks of shock when people who at first don't recognise me then realise who I am.  That is actually quite funny. lol

This is just to amazing for words!

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